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The Tar, a symbol of traditional Persian music, is renowned for its enchanting melodies and deep cultural roots. Whether you're just starting your musical journey, an advanced player, or a collector with an eye for excellence, our Tar Collection has been meticulously curated to cater to every level of expertise and discerning taste.

Beginner's Delight:
Take your first steps into the world of Tar with our Beginner's Tar Instruments. Designed with newcomers in mind, these instruments offer an accessible introduction to the art of Tar playing. They are user-friendly, encouraging you to learn, play, and unlock your musical potential.

Advanced Mastery:
For the experienced Tar maestros, our Advanced Tar Instruments offer unparalleled craftsmanship and tonal richness. These instruments are a testament to precision and are perfect for those looking to explore the intricate depths of Persian classical music.

Vintage Classics:
Timeless elegance meets rich tradition with our Vintage Tar Instruments. Each instrument carries its own unique story and history, resonating with the character and depth that only the passage of time can impart. Ideal for collectors and connoisseurs who appreciate the soul of tradition.

Premium Artistry:
Elevate your musical prowess with our Premium Tar Instruments, handcrafted by master artisans. Using the finest materials and the utmost care, these instruments are a testament to exceptional quality and precision. Whether you're a professional performer or a dedicated enthusiast, our Premium Tar Instruments are designed to meet the highest standards.

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