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"Me and the Instrument" (Full Package)

"Me and the Instrument" (Full Package)

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The "Me and the Instrument" collection is the perfect way to interest your kids in music. Featuring 3 volumes containing kids' songs and poetry, kids' music, and even puppets and stickers, this package helps to encourage creativity and musical ambitions. With each item in this package, kids can explore the world of music and entertainment like never before.

The author of this collection is one of the expert instructors of children's music, Farinaz Rasti, and its illustrator is Amir Ebrahim Fahimi.

The "Me and the Instrument" collection consists of three volumes titled "From Norooz to Yalda," "From the Jungle to the Sea," and "From Here to There." These volumes contain simple pieces designed for the young age group of toddlers and children. There is no specific priority or order for teaching the pieces in these three books, and the teacher can choose to use any of the pieces based on the students' playing abilities and skills.


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