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Secret of Daf (Fundamentals of Rhythm & Daf performance)

Secret of Daf (Fundamentals of Rhythm & Daf performance)

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Fundamentals of Rhythm & Daf performance for Children and Beginners 

Author: Hooman Tootoonchian

This comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of daf performance for children and beginners is produced by the collective efforts of experienced daf players and educators. Authored by Hooman Tootoonchian, this illustrated instructional book features 116 pages of colorful images and engaging exercises that help motivate young, budding musicians. Accompanied by mp3 audio files, this collection results from years of teaching daf playing to children and is sure to instill a lifelong love of percussion.

  • Book Number: 1
  • Language: English & Farsi
  • Published [18/09/2012]
  • Pages:116 
  • Audio files are included


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